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Remedial Courses

Bible School


Ever wondered if going to church is all it is about Christianity?

Need More of the Word of God?

Enroll Now for our next  Sunday School of  The Word  (SSOW)

What is S S O W?

SSOW is the School of the Word taught online, every Sunday. As a Sabbath observing ministry, Grace Temple Institute offers this opportunity for those who are interested in diving deeper into the Word of God, to supplement their home church.


How to Enroll

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Complete Form and bring it with any relevant documentations to the Admissions  Office.

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Share the Gospel

Graceful Life Missions, has continue to enpower believers to share the Good News of the Lord in their own small way. 

Ms. Kathryn Kuhlman stated in one of her  teachings that, one can only teach what one knows and experienced.  And The Holy Spirit takes over from there.


Q.   What is the duration of the program?

A.    Three Months

Q. Is the program FREE?

A. Yes

Q.  What are the Requirements to be admitted?

A. You must be a curious human being t

  1. Q. There a Certificate after completion?

A. Yes (with a small Fee)